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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lead yourself and Empower Others

“Every time you teach someone else how to do something new and they follow your lead, you free yourself from that activity and increase your productivity”

“When you start devoting more of your prime time to your priorities, you’ll discover that you won’t have time to do most of the time-filler things you used to do. A lot of them were simply avoidance items – some of which others may do or, perhaps, don’t need to be done at all.”

“The greatest desire in the world to be a positive producer is of no value if a person’s work is simply wheel spinning business rather than forward-moving productivity.”

Leading Yourself and Empowering Others – How Do You Rate? Do you…

  • Start the day or evening by thinking through, and writing down what you need to do to further yourself toward achieving your dreams and goals? Think through a task before staring it.
  • Complete tasks to the best of your ability rather than leaving them partially done?
  • Do the most important tasks first even if they are more challenging?
  • Inspire and encourage people to pursue their dreams, accomplish their goals, and achieve their own success?
  • Empower people to keep stretching beyond what they’ve done before?
  • Say no if someone asks you to do something that would interfere with your priorities?
  • Do you use a machine or computer when it’s more effective than doing things manually?
  • Leverage well by inspiring and empowering others to do things themselves rather than trying to do everything yourself?
  • Regularly venture out and do new things toward achieving your dreams and goals?
  • Have an open mind doing things differently rather than being held back by your old ways of thinking?
  • Redirect yourself if you go off on a tangent and get off track, for example, by starting projects you have little interest in or know you probably will not finish?
  • Teach others, first of all, how to accomplish easy short term goals to help them build their confidence?
  • Operate by preventive planning instead of waiting until a crisis occurs?
  • Put people first by handling associates’ and clients’ concerns as soon as reasonably possible?
  • Refuse to socialize either in person or on the phone with friends or family during a time when you need to be productive?
  • Do you avoid being distracted during times of potential positive productivity by such things as newspapers, magazines, TV, friends, hobby activities, sports, playing on the computer, low priority voice mail or email, mail, and other non-productive activity?
  • Group errands efficiently together rather than making several individual trip?
  • Ask for help from your leader or mentor about ways to become more of a positive producer?
  • Always focus on the best use of every minute of every day and help others to do the same?

"Control over attitude is one of the Secret of Winner.”

Leverage Your Time and Empower Others to Do What You’ve Been Doing

Four Questions about what you’re doing in your career or business:
  • Is what I’m doing part of the system of success I’ve been taught for the business or industry that I’m in? (Am I empowering or distracting with my example?)
  • Is it duplicatable? (Can my associates easily do what I’m doing?)
  • What do I need to do next to teach my associates how to move on more effectively to achieve their dreams and goals?
  • Is there someone more knowledgeable and experienced than I am who could help me better leverage myself?

“To be an effective positive producer, you need to invest your time and energy wisely by consciously leading yourself and empowering others to do the same. Continually ask yourself, ‘How much return on my investment of this hour am I getting right now? Am I doing the highest priority task in the best way possible? Am I doing whatever it takes?’”

“If you’re excited about building a business, don’t let anyone – especially yourself – slow you down. The reason you became an independent business owner, to begin with, was because you have a dream or goal and you like the challenge and excitement of the work. Right? Stay psyched-up. It’ll keep the stress away and keep you energized through the challenges.”

“Few people during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.” By Richard E. Bryd

Challenge Are Opportunities for Growth – Welcome Them with Open Arms. It is in the overcoming and teaching others to overcome that we grow and become the best we can be. The bigger the challenge, the bigger opportunity for growth.
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