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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to Think and Dream Creatively

To do anything, we must first believe it can be done. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way to do it. Example question: How many of you feel that it is possible to eliminate jails within the next thirty years? (This question of eliminating jails is used to make a point). Each of you has come up with reason why we can’t eliminate the need for jails. Now, will you try extra hard for a few minutes to believe we can eliminate jails or assuming we can eliminate jails, how could we begin?,

“Believe it can be done”, “When you believe, your mind finds ways to do."

“When you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why. But when you believe, really believe, something can be done, your mind goes to work for you and helps you find the ways to do it.”

Belief releases creative powers, disbelief puts the brakes on. You can find ways to like a person if you believe you can. You can discover solutions to personal problems if you believe you can.

“Where there’s a will, there is way”

Top success is reserved for the I-can-do-it-better kind of person. The I-can-do-better philosophy works magic. When you ask yourself, “How can I do better?” your creative power is switch on and ways for doing things better suggest themselves.

Plan a weekly improvement program: Each day before you begin work, devote ten minutes to thinking “How can I do a better job today?” Ask, what can I do today to encourage my employees? What special favor can I do for my customers? How can I increase my personal efficiency?

Capacity is a state of mind. How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do. Prove to myself that how much I can do depends on how much I think I can do.

Convinced it pays to do more and better? If yes, try this two step procedures:
1. Eagerly accept the opportunity to do more.
2. Concentrate on “How can I do more?”

“Big people monopolized the listening, Small people monopolized the talking”

Top-level leaders in all walks of life spend much more time requesting advice than they do in giving it. A leader is a decision making human machine. Ideas of others help to spark our own ideas so our mind is more creative.

Three stage program to strengthen creativity through asking and listening.
Encourage others to talk. In personal conversation or in group meeting. (Ex. Tell me about your experience, or what do you think should be done about…? What do you think is the key point?) These will double-barreled victory, your mind soak up raw material that you can use to produce creative thought.

Test your own views in the forms of questions. Use the what do you think of this suggestion? approach.

Concentrate on what the other person says. Listening means letting what’s said penetrate your mind. Evaluate it, that’s how you collect mind food.

Three ways to harness and develop your ideas:

Don’t let ideas escape. Write them down. Carry a notebook or small card with you and when you get an idea, write it down because memory is weak.

Review your ideas and file to active file.

Cultivate and fertilize your ideas. Make it grow, think about it, tie it to related ideas, then, when time is ripe, put it to work for yourself, job or future.

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