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Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Are What You Think You Are

Look important – it helps you think important.

To be important, we must think we are important, really think so, so others will think so too.

“How you think determines how you act, How you act in turn determines how others react to you”

To gain the respect of others, you must first think you deserve respect. And the more respect you have for yourself, the more respect others will have for you. How you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside. Your appearance talks to you, but it also talks to others. It helps determine what others think of you.

Think your work is important.

Job thinking tells a lot about a person and his potential for larger responsibility. A person who thinks his job is important, receives mental signals on how to do his job better, and a better job means more promotions, more money, more prestige, more happiness. The way we think toward our job determines how our subordinates think toward their job.

Two suggestions for getting others to do more for you:

  1. Always show positive attitudes toward your job so that your subordinates will pick-up right thinking.
  2. As you approach your job each day, ask yourself, “Am I worthy in every respect of being imitated?”, “Are all my habits such that I would be glad to see them in my subordinates?”

Give yourself a pep talk several times daily.

Practice uplifting self-praise. Don’t practice belittling self-punishment. You are what you think you are. Think more of yourself and there is more of you. Build your own “sell-yourself-to-yourself” commercial.

Tom Stanley, meet Tom Stanley – an important, a really important person. Tom, you’re a big thinker, so think big, Think big about everything. You’ve got plenty of ability to do a first-class job, so do a first class job. Tom, you believe in happiness, progress and prosperity, So: talk only happiness, talk only progress, talk only prosperity. You have lots of drive, Tom, lots of drive. So put that drive to work. Nothing can stop you, Tom, nothing. Tom, you’re enthusiastic. Let your enthusiasm show through. You look good, tom, and you fill good. Stay that way. Tom, you were a great fellow yesterday and you’re going to be an even greater fellow today. Now, go to it, Tom, Go forward.

Here’s how to build your sell-yourself-to-yourself commercial.

  1. Select your assets, your points of superiority. Ask yourself, “What are my best qualities?”
  2. Put these points down on paper in your own words. Re-read Tom Stanley’s commercial.
  3. Practice your commercial out loud in private at least once a day.
  4. Read your commercial silently several time every day. Before you tackle anything that demands courage.

Upgrade your thinking. Think like important people think. Upgrading your thinking upgrades your actions, and this produces success.

How Am I thinking? Checklist:

When I worry

Ask Yourself: Would an important person worry about this? Would the most successful person I now be disturbed about this?

An Idea

What would an important person do if he had their idea?

My appearance

Do I look like someone who has maximum self-respect?

My language

Am I using the language of successful people?

What I read

Would an important person read this?


Is this something successful people would discuss?

When I lose my temper

Would an important person get mad at what I’m mad at?

My jokes

Is this the kind of joke an important person would tell?

My job

How does an important person describe his job to others?

How about you? Do you look important?

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