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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Types of Intelligence

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.” Julius Erving

Mental Intelligence
– Generally, where IQ is measured in school.

Emotional Intelligence – It has been said that emotional intelligence is 25 times more powerful than mental intelligence. Ex. Keeping one’s cool rather than arguing back, not getting married to someone you know in the long run will not be a good life partner, and delayed gratification, the cause of many of today’s financial problems.

A man's moral worth is not measured by what his religious beliefs are but rather by what emotional impulses he has received from Nature during his lifetimeAlbert Einstein

Financial Intelligence – your financial intelligence is measured by how much money you make, how much money you keep, how hard that money works for you, and how many generations you can pass on the money to.

Why Smart People Fail To Become Rich?

One of the reasons many smart people fail to become rich, even though they have a high IQ, and did well in school, is because they lack the emotional intelligence required for financial success and wealth accumulation.

The Four Common Signs of Low Emotional IQ are:
  1. They get rich too slowly because they play the money game to cautiously. – They are in a job in the E quadrant. Keeping their money in the bank earning very little in interest.
  2. Trying to get rich too quickly. – This person lacks the emotional intelligence known as patience. This person often goes from job to job or hot new idea to hot new idea. They start something, get bored and quit.
  3. Spend on impulse. – This person’s favorite form of exercise is going shopping. They shop until they drop. If they have money, they spend it on a whim. These people say, “Money seems to run through my fingers.”
  4. Cannot stand owning anything of value. – Many of these people, rather than build a business, feel better working for someone else and working hard at something they will never own. The emotion of fear is so high that they could rather work for security rather than work for freedom.
“Having a high emotional IQ is essential to having a high financial IQ as Warren Buffet, America’s riches investor says, “A person who cannot manage their emotions cannot manage their money.”

“In the real world, emotional intelligence is more important than mental intelligence if you want to become rich.”

Do You Want To Improve Your Emotional IQ?
  • The first step in increasing our emotional IQ is to admit we need to improve it.
  • A network marketing business maybe the best training ground for EQ because it develops your emotional IQ. You raise your emotional IQ every time you overcome your own fears, your disappointments, your frustrations, and your own impatience to become a better person.
In other words, a network marketing business is a great place to get to know yourself better and work on improving yourself.

Ask yourself this question:
“How are my emotions interfering with my life? Are my emotions causing me to be…
  • Too shy?
  • Addicted to something?
  • Afraid of rejection?
  • Too impulsive/reckless?
  • Needing security?
  • Too angry?
  • Too impatient?
  • Too slow to change?
  • Too hot-tempered?
  • Lazy?

Once you begin improving your emotional IQ, you will probably find it easier to talk to people, communicate more clearly, and handle their emotions more effectively.

How about you? What is your intelligence?

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